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A Guide to Beauty

Some people find tall, tanned girls attractive, some find petite, pale people perfect, some find chunky pink girls fill their appetite, some find pasty gangly giraffe-style girls gorge! Pixie hair, afros, waves, straightened, corkscrewe-curled, shaved, blonde, brunette, mousy, black, ginger, red… Hair is yours–don’t be ashamed! I have brown hair in a pixie cut that makes me get teased, but I love my hair! Whether you’re curvaceous and full-figured or slim and straight; it doesn’t make you better or worse. My horrificly short torso and spry,long legs mean that someone of my petite size is often confused! Whether you have piercing blue eyes, rich brown eyes, crazy green eyes, sharp grey eyes or deep black eyes; you have beauty. Whether so small even teeny AA’s swamp you or so large you knock people out when running, you still have beauty! Whether you feel casual in jumpers and jeans or prefer girly dresses and summery shorts–please, are you getting the picture?! I think of my friend (SH shall I call her), so I think of large breasts and a vast, curvy stomach with a stringy brown bob and healing acne on a pale face. SH is, to say the least, an unusual girl; but I love the way she looks! She wears belts and berets, open-toed wedges and longer skirts; she knows what suits her! Another friend– (LA) is just over average height, with good length legs, her hair is on the greyish side but I love how wierd it is!